The compact space-saving door solution:

Thanks to the unique folding system, there are no ceiling rails. Therefore the Compact door can be installed where traditional doors do not fit. Windows and wicket doors can be integrated as wel as full light panels. All this with optimal closing and insulation the Compact door is the best space-saving door solution in many industrial and commercial buildings, like buildings with ceiling lights, crane tracks, sprinkler installations, sloped roofs, basically everywhere!

The COMPACT folding door: video
The COMPACT folding door: video


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Space-saving design:

The COMPACT folding door: space-saving design
The COMPACT folding door: space-saving design

The panels fold into a compact package above the door opening when the door is opened. The door does not need rails or a structural frame on the ceiling. As a result, the ceiling can be kept clear for installations or other items.
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The COMPACT folding door: fitting in!
The COMPACT folding door: fitting in!

The Compact door just needs a flat and stable vertical surface to be installed on. This means, the door can be installed in temporary buildings, but also as an internal door or flexible wall. The silent operation and the high quality finish make it suitable for both industrial, commercial and even larger residential projects.

High quality finish, invisible hinges:

We believe a high quality finish on an industrial door is essential. This is one of the reasons why we decided to conceal the hinges in our doors. The hinges are almost invisible, both on the inside and outside of the door.

Design that blends in:

The COMPACT folding door: fully integrated in the ceiling
The COMPACT folding door: fully integrated in the ceiling


As there are no overhead rails, the door package can be fully integrated in the ceiling, providing a nice clean finish without bulky tracks in sight. In addition, panels and nearly all door parts can be manufactured in any colour you desire. 

From automotive to logistics, from emergency services to a beach club. Possibilities are endless.



Low maintenance: 

The Compact door has a unique folding system without balance springs. Designed for a longer life and less maintenance. All parts of the door have been developed with durability in mind. We aim for a long and carefree lifespan of our doors.

External installation:

The COMPACT folding door: external installation
The COMPACT folding door: external installation


The Compact door is one of the few sectional doors that can be installed outside of a room or building. The panels and motor will be mounted outside a building or space. The Compact door package can be protected by a cover. Available in any RAL colour of choice.
 This option is often applied in spray booths, car wash installations and cargo elevators.


Wicket door:

The COMPACT folding door: wicket door opening to the inside or the outside
The COMPACT folding door: wicket door opening to the inside or the outside



The Compact door is the only folding door where a wicket door can be installed. Even more unique is that this door can be adapted to open to the inside or to the outside !!!



Insulated panels:

The insulated sandwich panels consist of a CFC-free polystyrene foam (expanded, EPS SE) covered with aluminum stucco finished cladding. Aluminium U-profiles on top and bottom of the sandwich panels provide extra strength and stability. Top panel height can be adapted to fit the door opening.

The panels are available in 10 standard colours. Optionally, the door can be painted in any RAL colour of choice.

Powdercoating on rails and folding plates:

To better blend the door into the building you can have the rails powdercoated.

Powdercoating is available in any RAL colour you desire.




Custom-made space-saver: click here to see the video about this product



High speed motor:

The use of a high-speed motor in a Compact industrial door can considerably shorten the time in which a door opens. This speed offers advantages in situations where every second counts, such as emergency services, but also in situations where energy saving is important. This can be the case, for example, at loading and unloading platforms, where forklift trucks drive in and out and other places where quick access and an efficient flow of goods are important.


  • Industrial buildings
  • Showrooms
  • Stores
  • Carwash 
  • Emergency services
  • Logistics
  • Temporary buildings 
  • Elevators 
  • Spray booths
  • Car workshops
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