Dock shelters

The perfect finish for your industrial building!

1. Curtain dock shelters:

Curtain dock shelters
Curtain dock shelters

The curtain dock shelters can be used for a wide range of vehicles heights and widths.

This dock shelter provides a virtually hermetic seal between truck and dock opening. 


A virtually hermetic seal between truck and dock opening
A virtually hermetic seal between truck and dock opening


- The internal temperature is therefore ultimately controlled resulting in lower energy consumption and optimal working conditions.

- This dock shelter is known for its solid construction, optimum drainage and high durable flaps.

- They are available in many different types and sizes with a wide variety of customized options.





2. The newest generation of inflatable Dock Shelters:

Inflatable dock shelters are the most efficient and durable for loading and unloading docks:

The newest generation of inflatable Dock Shelters
The newest generation of inflatable Dock Shelters

- Innovation: The precise harmonica effect of the shelter cushions ensures an optimum seal between the vehicle and the shelter.

- Energy efficient: this inflatable shelter is mainly used in situations of large differences between the indoor and outdoor temperature. The space between the shelter and the truck will be sealed airtight within 30 seconds.

- Attractive aesthetic finish: the robust cushions are made from durable and high-quality, beautifully pleated material and are stored behind the protective strips.

- Widely applicable: this inflatable shelter is available as a built-in or front-mounted model and can be adapted to any customer-specific situation.

- Durable and safe: the cushions of this Dock shelter are only inflated after the truck has fully docked. This way the cushions wont be damaged during the backing-up to the dock and the average lifespan of the Dock shelter will considerably increase. Moreover, in this situation the driver will always have a maximum view while docking.

- Quality: this inflatable Dock shelter meets the highest quality standards and carries the CE mark.

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