The Dynamicroll® B-Drive is an innovative high-speed door. The electric motor drives the door using a wheel on the zipper of the PVC curtain. That means the door doesn't close based on weight. As a result, the Dynamicroll® B-Drive can be very light and the door delivers top performance in terms of speed, size and wind resistance. The Dynamicroll® B-Drive is resistant to wind up to class 5, EN 12424. This depends on the size. The options in dimensions give you absolute freedom when organizing your internal logistics. The door can be supplied as standard up to 8 meters wide and 6 meters high. The Dynamicroll® B-Drive is the high-speed door for the most challenging situations: even when your building has high requirements in safety, efficiency and sustainability, or the conditions in your building are challenging in terms of dimensions, wind load or under and overpressure, the DYNAMICROLL® B-DRIVE rises to your needs!!

Why to choose for a high speed door?

  • versatile application in every business sector
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • energy saving
  • equipped with frequency-controlled motors for maximum operating comfort
  • available in various standard colors and with extensive accessories
  • the curtains meet strict quality requirements such as e.g. food industry, refrigerators, cleanrooms and many other industrial applications ...

Our high speed doors make all the difference!

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