Electric operators garage doors

With the range of electrically operated doors from All-Port, you are guaranteed to have access to the highest level of convenience and safety.

Make your home a safe place !!!


All-Port creates the feeling of a secure home with the latest innovations in safety and access control!


Intelligent ceiling operators of the next generation:

- operators with high automatic locking and counter-pressure at all points in the event of an attempted break-in
- security systems controlled at each cycle
- bidirectional, rolling encrypted radio control systems 
- connectable to home automation systems
- countless accessory modules are available
- easy to shorten and easy to extend
- automatic learning process: self-learning force curve with continual adjustment in each position
- optimal speed profiles for quick opening and secure closing
- operation in accordance with the standards
- automatic calibration of door operation through direct entry of measured operating forces

Below you will find an overview of the ceiling operators that we offer for private sectional garage doors, together with a selection of their access control and security systems:

1. Beninca operator: 

Ceiling operator
Ceiling operator







Technical specifications of this ceiling operator :

  • 24 Vdc self-locking electromechanical garage door operator
  • The operator is equipped with a built-in Encoder to detect obstacles
  • Electronic device with display and ESA energy-saving control system
  • Integrated energy-efficient lighting 
  • Extremely quiet operator
  • Integrated emergency release: the carriage can be engaged and disengaged in any position
  • Automatic calibration of door operation through direct entry of measured operating forces
  • By integrating the battery pack extension in the control unit (optional), your garage door will never fail during a power failure. This way the operator can be run in emergency mode (at least 1 opening after 1 hour of power failure)

Examples of Beninca access control and security systems:

Remote control
Remote control
Photo eye
Photo eye









2. Sommer operator:




Technical specifications of this ceiling operator :

  • Complete drive system for garage doors with a maximum width of 6 m.
  • The energy-saving control system uses less than 1 W when in standby, equivalent to approx. € 1.80 per year!.
  • In-built safety system for obstacles
  • The radio control system transmits bidirectionally, which means that feedback on the send command or the door position can be received. The operator will let you know if the door is actually opening or closing when the transmit button is pressed
  • Additional intruder protection: the motor will close the door whenever an attempt is made to lift it!

Examples of Sommer access control and security systems:

Remote control Slider
Remote control Slider









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