Keep your garage door in optimal condition!

1. Regularly check your sectional garage door visually:

  1. Are the rail systems free of obstacles? Look for loose bolts or trash ...
  2. Are the lateral lifting cables in good condition? No fraying or tension differences between left and right?
  3. Are the rubbers undamaged and do they fit well on all sides?
  4. Is the door running smoothly up and down?
  5. Check the balancing of the door:
    - if your door is operated electric, disconnect the door leaf first
    - then move the door leaf manually up or down at different heights
    - the door leaf must remain stable in every position
  6. Do you notice anything else?

Contact our service department to check your garage door and to have an annual maintenance performed !!!

Maintenance contract for private garage doors:

Enquire about a maintenance contract for your garage door here (private residence)

Maintenance contract for companies and communal access garage doors:

Enquire about a maintenance contract for your garage door here (companies, residences, car parks, etc.)

For sectional doors with a joint or professional use, we recommend an annual maintenance with a general check.


2. It is best to lubricate your sectional door twice a year:

  1. This lubrication only happens on the inside of the garage door!
  2. Carefully spray a bit of special and dirt-repellent grease on all moving parts such as the springs, the shafts and bearings, the hinges, etc. ... Attention: do NOT spray on the motor and NOT on the rail of the motor!
  3. It is best to always wipe away the excess fat so that it does not drip down.

Order this special lubricant at All-Port: it keeps the moving parts of your garage door in top condition and has a high protective effect against weather and environmental influences !!!

3. Cleaning of painted garage doors:

It is best to clean a garage door several times a year: the panels, the rubbers, any windows and tubes, etc.

Some tips to clean the exterior of your painted garage door safely:

1. First rinse the outside of your closed garage door abundantly with a soft jet of water, so that most dust and coarse dirt is removed from the panels

2. Take a soft lint-free cloth or a scratch-free sponge soaked in the water solution of our powerful "Shamp-Wax" cleaner or use a neutral soapy water.

Always follow the correct dilution according to the instructions on the package!

3. Rinse the door leaf abundantly again until the soap remains and the dirt are removed

4. Allow to dry

5. If necessary, give your garage door the "Surface Renewer" treatment: this will revive the original color of your garage door!

How to clean your painted garage door safely?

Order our ALUBOX !!! 

This box contains : 

  • Shamp-Wax 
  • Surface Renewer
  • Scratch-free sponge
  • Microfibre cloth



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