Our steel panels with WOODGRAIN surface finish on the outside are suited for all construction styles.

The key benefits of this panel with Woodgrain finish:

  • outstanding thermal insulation
  • fingersafe protection
  • acoustic insulation
  • easy maintenance and durable
  • rustic effect
  • timber look 
  • classic and elegant
  • especially adorns the fermette style and the more traditional architectural styles. There is a special woodgrain version for the country style and the pastory style: the woodgrain Cassette panel with the rich relief surfaces

Check out the different lineations of this panel, by clicking on the square icons:

Cassette Woodgrain - Cassette


Middle lined Woodgrain - Middle lined

middle lined

Unlined Woodgrain - Unlined


Lined Woodgrain - Lined


Grooved Woodgrain - Grooved


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