Our steel panels with SMOOTH surface finish on the outside reflect a modern home architecture.

The key benefits of this panel with Smooth finish:

  • outstanding thermal insulation
  • fingersafe protection
  • acoustic insulation
  • symmetrical, sleek and minimalistic
  • elegant look
  • particularly reflected in bright, friendly colors
  • suited for both classic and modern homes 
  • a special smooth version is available for country and pastoral style homes: smooth vertical lined with a decorative frame, decorative windows, etc.

NEW in our range! 

New standard colors available: Ral 7039M + Ral 7016M + Ral 9005M

* 3 new standard colors for the panel type smooth unlined: Ral 7039M + Ral 7016M + Ral 9005M!



* new additional panel height of 560 mm for the panel smooth unlined


Check out the different lineations of this panel, by clicking on the square icons:

Middle lined Smooth - Middle lined

middle lined

Unlined Smooth - Unlined


Lined Smooth - Lined


Vertically profiled Smooth - Vertically profiled

vertical lined

Top profiling Smooth - Top profiling

upper lined

Build your personal garage door to the smallest detail

It just takes a few clicks to create an image of your future garage door.

You can do this with a photograph of your own facade or with an example facade from our range!

Indicate your preferences using the configurator, and you’ll quickly see the results of your own creativity!

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