Keep your facade cladding in top condition!

Cleaning and maintenance of the painted facade cladding


Your facade cladding is subject to all possible weather influences.That is why we recommend a regular maintenance, to continue to enjoy it to the fullest as years go on.



By cleaning the painted facade cladding 1 to 2 times per year, it will last longer and will better retain its colorfastness:

  • Our painted facade components are durable and deserve a top quality maintenance! Annual cleaning with the "Maintenance Box" products is recommended to preserve the intense color and to give an extra protection against acid rain, sea air and UV rays.
    At the coast side and in wooded areas it is recommended to clean twice a year.
  • The Shamp Wax is a concentrated product with strong cleaning and degreasing qualities for the most common natural pollutants such as dust, greasy precipitations, grease stains, moss, insect tracks, ... This product is efficacious and not comparable with most other cleaning products. After cleaning we advise to protect the painted façade with the Surface Renewer. This product puts a protective film over this just cleaned paint layer, that makes further maintenance a lot easier.
  • Do not use both products in full sun or during warm weather. If they dry up to quickly, it can leave marks on the paintwork. Avoid corrosive or aggressive products, scouring pads or other abrasives to clean the lacquered cladding. Also never clean with a high pressure device.

How can you safely clean your painted facade cladding?

Order our ALUBOX !!! 

This box contains:


  • Shamp-Wax 
  • Surface Renewer
  • Scratch-free sponge
  • Microfibre cloth

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