Wood Collection

All-Port Wood Collection ...
innumerable options with wood!

WOOD decorates your building with a luxurious and refined character.
A wide range of wood cladding options is available, all to your own taste.

Solid Wood panels are always made-to-measure in a specialized wood joinery that delivers a particularly high quality in the execution of your choice and are available in all conceivable colours! 

Solid Wood panels offer various possibilities and are applicable to every facade:

  • wood types in our collection: meranti, padouk, cedar, afzelia, oak, ...
  • wood and its colours: natural, stained, or painted in the colour of your choice.
  • panel transitions for solid wood in planchette can be V grooved, U grooved, .... 
  • wooden doors can also be fitted with options including plinths, windows and other decorative elements ...
  • garage doors can be processed in the cladding in a way they optically disappear, so that the two form a single sleek unit.

Solid wood cladding is available with a number of motifs, including:

Build your personal garage door to the smallest detail

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Indicate your preferences using the configurator, and you’ll quickly see the results of your own creativity!

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