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Why choose a sectional garage door?

A sectional door from All-Port is the guarantee of reliability and safety, with a maximum operating convenience.

We carry out intensive research and daily innovation to ensure that our automatic doors are developed to meet the most recent safety standards and are certified in accordance with European directives.

More than 10 reasons to opt for All-Port sectional doors:

  • SPACE-SAVING thanks to the unique door concept from All-Port
  • Maximum CLEARANCE for your vehicle
  • MAXIMUM operating convenience with minimum effort thanks to our selection of perfectly balanced spring systems
  • Because they’re BEAUTIFUL!
  • Fully CUSTOMIZABLE with support from the development to the execution of the project
  • Unique sealing concepts, thermal bridges, and well-insulated sandwich panels help to keep your garage at the perfect TEMPERATURE whatever the weather
  • QUIET operation thanks to high-quality components
  • A wide range of versions and colours for a personalized APPEARANCE to your home
  • Our good PRICE to quality ratio means affordable electrically-operated doors
  • SAFETY and peace of mind for young and old
  • A sectional door from All-Port is of exceptional quality and highly DURABLE
  • The CONVENIENCE of an electrically-operated door should not be underestimated: no more getting in and out of your car to open and close the door
  • Great for new-builds and renovation projects, All-Port is a market leader when it comes to INNOVATION

Ask All-Port!

Build your personal garage door to the smallest detail

It just takes a few clicks to create an image of your future garage door.

You can do this with a photograph of your own facade or with an example facade from our range!

Indicate your preferences using the configurator, and you’ll quickly see the results of your own creativity!

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