Safety of sectional doors for industrial or for communal access use

Lift protection:

For industrial sectional doors, it is possible to prevent burglary by making sure that the closed door leaf cannot be lifted.

Spring safety device:

The safety blocking wheel helps to stabilize the door leaf and bring it to a halt if one of the springs breaks.

Cable safety device:

This special safeguard on the lower roll holders helps to stabilize the door leaf and bring it to a halt if one of the cables breaks.

Safety edge and obstacle protection:

Our electrically operated doors are equipped with motors that feature a power safeguard to protect obstacles when your garage door is closing.

Examples of safety edge and obstacle protection devices are: photo cells, light curtains, air-pressure contacts in the lower rubber, ...

Fingersafe protection:

For sectional doors up to a height of 2.50 m, fingersafe protection is mandatory.
This is not mandatory for sectional doors higher than 2.5 m, but it does offer extra protection for you and your employees.

All our industrial panels are available in fingersafe version!​

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