Operators and security

All-Port offers the newest generation of solid drive systems.

Axle motors have been designed specially for applications including sectional doors equipped with torsion-spring balance systems where large amounts of power are required with the smallest installation space. These motors are extremely compact with a similarly sleek enclosure.

We can offer a unique solution for every sectional industrial door, fully customized to the needs of your company.

Discover our extensive range and learn more about the most advanced protection systems!

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A glimpse into our range:

1. MFZ drive systems with essential safeguards:

  • programming and status messages via LCD screen
  • integrated emergency-stop button
  • electronic safety edge protection 
  • emergency hand chain
  • optional expansion module for two-way traffic control
  • optional frequency control
  • optional fire-proof control

2. GFA drive systems with essential safeguards:

  • secure control housing with integrated emergency-stop button
  • air-pressure safety edge protection
  • emergency hand chain / unlocking mechanism 
  • optional frequency control

3. Optional accessories are available, for instance:

CS310 control with LCD screen
CS310 control with LCD screen


Traffic light red / green 24V
Traffic light red / green 24V


Light curtain security system
Light curtain security system


Radar motion detector
Radar motion detector
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