Full Vision glass sections

Full Vision glass sections in the industrial sectional door illuminate your company building.

All-Port Full Vision panels help to expand your workplace with daylight and offer a clearer view of the world outside when the sectional door is closed.

Full-Vision panels can also be integrated with perforated sheet or expanded metal for optimal ventilation.

1. The key benefits of this Full Vision panel:

  • customized high-quality anodized aluminium
  • a fully glazed sectional door helps you to stay in touch with the world 
  • each section can be combined with other panel types
  • can be painted in the RAL colour of your choice
  • a sleek and elegant way of incorporating windows into your door
  • daylight enters your premises
  • a great solution for companies and workplaces
  • effective ventilation when used with perforated sheet or expanded metal
  • glazing:     * Poly/PRO-TEC: single, double, quadruple
                      * Acrylic: single, double, quadruple
                      * Safety glass/tempered glass: single
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