A self-repairing high-speed door with flexible lower beams and frequency-controlled motor, specially designed for rooms with low temperatures. The 900 gram/m² double curtain is available in 16 standard colours. To prevent ice formation, a hot air heater blows warm air between the two cloths. The rails and motor are also heated. The roller is fitted with a cover. A perfect seal prevents snow from forming in the freezer. The Frigo 2 can be operated in several ways, opens at 1.8 m/sec. and withstands wind speeds of up to 70 km/h. The Frigo 2 is available in galvanized steel, in color and stainless steel and with numerous accessories.

The self-repairing high-speed doors with flexible lower beam and frequency-controlled motor are available in a range of colours. 

These super fast roller doors are used, for example, in companies where air movements must be minimized due to high temperature differences or for hygienic reasons.

Thanks to its special compact frame and to the special sliding system this roll up door has a low permeability to be suited for controlled environments, guarantees controlled loss of pressure and allows the ventilation systems and air purification to operate correctly.

Why to choose for a high speed door?

  • versatile application in every business sector
  • suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • energy saving
  • available in self-repairing version with flexible bottom beam:
Self-repairing sliding system
Self-repairing sliding system


The special sliding system lets the curtain, without rigid elements inside it, come out from the guides, to protect itself in case of any impact during the operation of the door and allows it to reinsert after one cycle.





  • equipped with frequency-controlled motors with maximum operating comfort
  • available in various standard colors and with extensive accessories
  • the curtains roll up and down at high speed, are versatile and satisfy the most stringent of quality requirements, e.g. for the food industry, cold stores, cleanrooms, pressure controlled environments and various other industrial applications

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